Rosette Systems Ltd.

is a technology developer and a supplier of
Product Technology and Automated Production Systems
for building material industry.
Light gauge steel metal construction,
roof tile panels,  sheet metal products,
foam insulated panels and products.

FUSA Modular Panel Manufacturing System
FUSA tile panel machine
produces new-generation,
modular metal roof tile panel.

- FUSA Tile Panel Machine produces patented, new-generation, concealed-fix, vertical, modular Metal Roof Tile Panel. - Full width precoated coils are slit in half for this production line. - Coils are 24" or 620 mm wide and weigh 3 tn and material is in 24 to 26 gauge, or 0.45-0.55 mm

Roof Tile Machines
tile panel machine,
metal roof tile panels,
roll forming  process, 
stationary tile press,
flying tile press, sheet metal

Tile Panel Machine produces Scandinavian type Metal Roof Tile Panels which run down from ridge to the eave. - Full width, 10 tn pre-coated steel or aluminum coils are used (48"-50" or 1200mm-1250mm) mainly in 24 to 26 gauge, or 0.45-0.55 mm.


Rosette Light Gauge Steel
Rosette Sheet Metal
Connection Technology,
Steel frame component manufacturing
and automated fastening.
Frame Panel Building Manufacturing Technology

Rosette Frame Panel Building Manufacturing Technology: 
production of square and gable end wall frame panels, floor panels, and roof trusses

Makron PUR-foam Panel Lines
FUSA Foam Insulated Panel Production System,
roll forming lines.

FUSA discontinuous, foam-insulated, composite panel making systems offer superior material flow and material handling possibilities.
FUSA high-volume, discontinuous foam-insulated panel making systems offer a MAKRON-quality, multi-daylight press with high tolerance, heated
(water or electrical) aluminum mold plates
Continuous panel foaming applications.  Metal faced or flexible faced panel lines.

Insulated Metal Door
Manufacturing Systems,
Door production lines.

door skin edge forming lines,
    door package assembly and material handling,
    semi- or fully-automated PUR-foaming application.
       pre-embossed metal skins
       alternatively casted FRP-skins
       door frame roll forming lines
       all door hardware
       door hardware installation machinery

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